Trade Recommendations

Finding trades that help your team that other owners will be willing to accept is highly challenging. However, consistently making good trades throughout the season gives you an edge.

The Machine’s incredibly powerful Trade Recommendations feature is exactly the tool you need to get that edge by taking the guesswork out of finding those trades that make sense. This one-of-a-kind tool allows you to search through millions of possible trade combinations, including 1x1 trades, 2x2 trades, and even 3x3 trades.

Unlike other trading tools, The Machine finds trades that are mutually beneficial, thus more likely to be accepted. Also, The Machine uses win-based math to find trades based, not just adding and subtracting fantasy points. It trades off one team’s need to get to the playoff versus another’s need to win the playoff, optimizes player bye weeks, factors in the value of players on waivers, roster depth and weakness, and much more. In dynasty leagues, The Machine: Dynasty even factors in three-year team performance to optimize trades whether you are building a team for the future or going for it all this year.

Once you start to use The Machine to measure and find trades, you will never think about trades the same way.

Because of the intense math required to evaluate trades, exploring 2x2 trades can take anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours depending on number of teams and roster size. When you explore 3x3 trades you can let The Machine do the work while you sleep!

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Trade Counter Proposals

Keep the trade talks alive after you reject a trade offered to you. When another team manager offers you a trade you can’t accept, you generally want to offer a counter proposal because you have an interested party at the bargaining table. However, finding that trade to come back with that gives them what they are looking for and that helps your team can be tricky and time consuming.

The Trade Recommendations counter-proposal feature makes it easy. After you analyze a trade on the Trade Analysis page, just select Trade Recommendations, indicate you want to generate counterproposals and let The Machine use its win-based math to search for balanced beneficial trades involving at least one of the players from the original trade offer.

Now you can keep trade talks alive until you can find a way to close a deal that helps your team.

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