Simulated Draft

The Machine simulates ideal draft selections for all teams in your league based on your league's specific scoring and roster rules. This powerful data allows you to do the following:

  1. Get a leg up on your league by seeing what an ideal draft looks like so you can anticipate the draft and formulate your draft strategy
  2. Measure the win probability impact of every pick to build draft pick and player value tables specific to your league
  3. Simulate draft pick and keeper trades to measure the impact to your probability to win
  4. Build auction draft player value tables
  5. Download the simulated draft results into a CSV file so you can load into spreadsheet software like Excel

The simulated draft functions differently depending on if you are in pre-draft or draft mode and if your league is a re-draft, keeper or dynasty league.

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The table below shows the simulated draft modes of operation
Pre-Draft Draft
Re-Draft Entire draft with empty draft board Entire draft from state of actual draft board
Dynasty Two different types / Find which players to keep, keeper and pick valuation for trade analysis Entire draft from actual draft board, assumes team rosters are keepers
Keeper Entire draft to find player and draft pick values Entire draft from actual draft board, including inserted keepers

Auction Draft Player Value Table

The Machine prepares you for your auction draft like never before. Know how much you should be willing to bid for players in your league. Build an Excel spreadsheet that dynamically updates values and bidding buck allocations per position as your draft progresses.

Here is how it works. Using the simulated draft, The Machine builds a table of player values based on how each player impacts a team's probability to win. It converts this into bidding bucks and provides the right value to bid for players in your league based on your leagues scoring rules and roster requirements. Then you download the results into a CSV file and cut and paste into an Excel (.xlsx) files, similar to the example below. Dynamic Auction Draft Table Example (.xlsx)

After spending a little time to understand the spreadsheet file, you will have the knowledge you need to dominate your auction draft. The Excel spreadsheet provides how many players you should draft at each position and how many bidding bucks you should spend at each position. It dynamically recalculates player values based on if people in your league are over or under bidding.

CAUTION: you must prepare the player value table BEFORE your draft. The auction draft value table requires you to run the simulated draft which takes about 10 minutes and you will want to understand the dynamic bidding Excel spreadsheet beforehand.

Click here to read more on how to create the auction draft value table.

For more information about getting The Machine setup for your auction draft, please visit our FAQs.

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