Auction Draft Player Value Table

AuctiondrafttableThe Machine's win-based math provides the most powerful auction draft solution ever. Using the simulated draft, The Machine builds a table of player values based on how each player impacts a team's probability to win. It converts this into bidding bucks and provides the right value to bid for players in your league based on your leagues scoring rules and roster requirements. Then you download the results into a CSV file and cut and paste into an Excel (.xlsx) files, similar to the example below.

After spending a little time to understand the spreadsheet file, you will have the knowledge you need to dominate your auction draft. The Excel spreadsheet provides how many players you should draft at each position and how many bidding bucks you should spend at each position. It dynamically recalculates player values based on if people in your league are over or under bidding.

CAUTION: you must prepare the player value table BEFORE your draft. The auction draft value table requires you to run the simulated draft which takes about 10 minutes and you will want to understand the dynamic bidding Excel spreadsheet beforehand.

Click here to read more on how to create the auction draft value table.

For more information about getting The Machine setup for your auction draft, please visit our FAQs.

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