It's like having a team of draft experts and statistical geeks in your war room

  • Easy to use! Automatically loads your league settings and rosters instantly
  • Win-based math coupled with statistical analysis from multiple experts maximizes your win probability with every recommendation
  • Discovers the best players and draft strategy for your league
  • Dynamically changes draft recommendations in real-time every time a new pick is made (fully synchronized)
  • Shows your win probability and your opponents' win probability LIVE!

Had enough of decade-old value-based draft (VBD) products that are no longer competitive?

The Machine's win-based math has consistently doubled win-probabilities and has consistently performed well in highly-competitive public leagues.

Trust The Machine All-Pros League Mastering An Obsession

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The Machine Draft Mode in CBS Sports

The Machine Draft Mode in MyFantasyLeague

The Machine Draft Mode in ESPN

The Machine Draft Mode in Yahoo

The Machine Draft Mode in RealTime Fantasy Sports